About Us

morchella-semilibera-half-free-morel-hollow-stemHello, thank you for visiting our page. We are a group of researchers that has been in the field for about eight years now. It is our passion to educate everyone regarding the studies that we have performed over the past years. It is also our passion to be able to enhance our knowledge with regards to anything that is related to the species that is being studied. We fully understand that being new to this particular field of research and laboratory is not easy.

It is our advocacy to share to you what skills we have, and even test you at the same time with regards to the extent of your understanding base on the researches and developing new endeavors when it comes to discovering new facts about true and false morel and or simply Verpa.

We are also conducting feasibility studies to determine more about different types of species that will provide more information with regards to the basic necessities that will surely add information to your research. Moreover, we are very delightful that you are able to read more of the blogs that we have posted, this is to ensure that more knowledge will be imparted as you continuously learn more of the many other classifications and types of the Caps species.