Facts About The Early Morel Mushroom

2011-04-17_verpa_conica_o-f-_mull-_sw_141257Early morel are known also as Verpa bohemica that belongs to a family fungus species of Morchellaceace and this is also called as wrinkled-thimbled cap. This kind of mushroom is described as being yellow pale in color and with a brown thimble cap. It’s size is about 4cm in and 5cm in diameter. This also has a wrinkled surface with a brain like head. Verpa’s are commonly known also for its other term as Caps. These types of mushrooms are relatively the same with other types of mushrooms that you can find. Although they vary in texture and according to their Caps. It could either be in different shapes such as in a curve, or in an asymmetrical. Nature has its way of being unique and this is what mushrooms and all its kinds makes them unique.

Different Species of Verpa that are basically the most known form of mushroom. Although they have other classifications of Verpa species that are mostly similar to each other.

Verpa conica –

This type of species is edible and it should be properly prepared as this has elements that may cause botulism to humans. This is usually found in north America and in eastern Canada. This is also known as the bell or the conic morel.

Verpa Bohemica-

This is also edible and at the same time should also be prepared in a manner that is done properly. Same with verpa conica, this is also found in eastern Canada, in orchids and North America. This is also known for its true or false morel kind of mushroom.

How is it known for its edibility?

Verpa type of mushroom are those that you can see at the grocery, only it is preserved, but the true verpa’s are those that you can purchase at the farm where it is needed to be cultivated. The Verpa bohemica is the most common consumption and is largely eaten by most individual. The reason why it should be carefully prepared is because it may contain elements and minerals that can be harmful to humans which may cause to poison. It is advisable that you should dry first the species by having it boil in a high temperature before you are going to eat it. Moreover, if it is your first time eating it, do not consume the Verpa like a whole meal, take it slowly and in smaller portions so you will have the tolerance to be able to eat it.

Applying morel in cooking-

In some European countries, morel is known for being an edible mushroom. This has taste in which most of the European countries considered it as a delicacy. Preparation of the morel should be boiled and should be drained after having a broth.

Distinguish a false morel-

You would know if it is a true morel because it has a delectable taste on the palate. It is tastier and delicious compared to false morels in which it is more poisonous. So be careful which type of morel is you are going to choose and you should be able to distinguish it through the fungus of the body.