Food Poisoning From Eating Edible Fungi

210e59524846dfb9773fThere are mushrooms that are not edible and this can cause a lot of health problems if you are not careful enough to determine the type of mushroom that you are aiming eat. It is also important that you do your research when it comes to selecting the right fungi for consumable. Food poisoning is a serious case when it affects your entire body system, in order to avoid such problem, you may even consult experts of edible fungi especially when it comes to identifying the right mushroom to cook.

Mushroom poisoning is also known as mycetismus wherein there is an ingestion of harmful substances that are toxic to the body system which is present in mushrooms. Symptoms of having botulism is more likely related to discomfort to the gastrointestinal which can lead to death. If you ever have ingestion of wild mushrooms it would be best for you to quickly go for an emergency case, so you would be given first aid attention. Misidentifying a mushroom as an edible fungi should be considered to be pondered about many times before you’re going to prepare it as a meal. One factor that would cause misidentifying is that they have the same resemblance with those of a mushroom that can be cooked.

How to prevent mushroom poisoning?mushroom_poisoning

Collect all the mushrooms that you think are edible and as well as the toxic mushrooms. Most of these mushrooms are alike. As soon as you able to collect the different variations, next step is to select those that are edible and compare it to the toxic mushrooms and how would you know that a particular mushroom is safe? Always look at where you have picked the mushroom.
Location is one factor that you need to determine if a mushroom is safe to eat or not.

Causes of fungi poisoning

It is indeed a great task if you are able to discover new things especially on those that you have truly desired for. Did you know that there are about eight hundred new species being discovered and are annually registered at the same time? Since this can go on to more than sprouts of mushroom, there is a bigger chance for locals to harvest mushrooms that may be mistakenly sought as an edible fungus. That is why research is conducted to be able to classify and determine one fungi to another.

Here are the following types of mushroom that can be mistakenly sought as an edible mushroom:


This type of specie is mostly misidentified as edible and is always harvested by most people in the area and most of these people who have ingested the wrong mushrooms have insufficient knowledge when it comes to identifying the right mushroom type.


Who are affected in fungi poisoning?

Young children are the first individuals who are to experience food poisoning because of the type of play that they are doing. And sometimes it involves other props when it comes to children’s play. Ingestion of mushrooms may be at your own lawn or somewhere that your child may be found playing.