Mushroom Adding Supplements To Your Diet

reishi-mushroomAre you conscious with the food intake that you are eating and the vitamins that you are taking as well? There are many individuals whose preferences are base on the health and the standard that should be implemented according to the health team. Adding supplements in your diet can be a good source of getting enough energy throughout the day. It is important that you are able to save your money in a way that you do not have to spend more just for you to live healthily. Avoid mushrooms that will prolong health risk and if you are in doubt in picking the right kind of mushroom, It would be best for you to stay away from mushrooms that you are not sure of picking.

Mushrooms that are health enhancing to the diet regimen:

Lentinula edodes-

This is also known as Shiitake, in which it is most commonly used in the culinary as part of serving it as a dish. This contains many benefits that can be stimulating to your body’s health and if you want to have more information regarding the benefits and its health significance to the body system, wherein provision of more explanations regarding fungi ingestion and things that should be avoided as well. Factors that includes polysaccharide stimulating to have a more healthy option.


This is also called as Lingzhi which is common in China. Its english name is called as the spirit plant. This type of Verpa or mushroom is used to treat ailments in most of the Asian countries. One of its best factors in treating illness is that it is medicinally used to treat lung cancer. Anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-bacterial to treat any fungal and bacterial infections. It also sustains the immune system and reduces the causes of any symptom of rheaumatoid arthritis.


Trametes Vesicolor-

This is also called as the turkey tail or its famous name the cloud mushroom. This type of mushroom is also used in the treatment of infections including those that can cause a major health risk such as Candida albicans, E.coli, herpes and even HIV. These are just examples of illnesses that needs more attention especially when it comes to the treatment.


This is usually a common type of mushroom that is used for the treatment of cancer. Most of the anti-cancer medication are derived from the mushroom because it have a remarkable elements and properties to treat cancer as well.

Recommended Edible Fungi Supplements-

Extracts of mushroom and its concentrates- this means the use of hot water extracts are used either it is extracted like a fruit body which is boiled for an extensive period of time. Its product is concentrated to complex sugars as for the health benefit of a mushroom.